Friday, June 24, 2005

Rove "evil genius" baloney

Look, I don't get what people are saying here about this brilliant Rovian plan.

First, he makes the speech on a Wednesday night in New York, and only TWO news organizations are present: AP and NYT. The only video available is grainy and bad. The NYT thought the story was so huge, in fact, that they splashed it across Page A13, in all its 491-word glory. If Rove had intended to use this speech as part of a grand scheme to slap around liberals, he did a pretty half-assed job.

And if Rove is such an evil genius, why do we have the White House's communications director and the RNC chair furiously attempting to massage Rove's clear, in-context words slandering liberals everywhere and try to parse the meaning of "liberal"? Seems to me the White House thought Rove went too far, no?

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