Monday, June 20, 2005


So Robert Horry beat the Pistons on a last-second three-pointer last night.

I wonder if Slate will be updating this article: "Sideshow Bob: Is Robert Horry the NBA's best clutch shooter or its best con man?" [The author goes with the latter argument].
Horry's reputation as a great team player is a bit of a mix-up. It's more accurate to say he's been the teammate of great players: Hakeem Olajuwon in Houston, Shaquille O'Neal in Los Angeles, and Tim Duncan in San Antonio. Horry has made his career coasting on other player's coattails. He's 6-feet-10, yet he lets his teammates scrap in the paint for offensive rebounds while he hovers vulturelike at the three-point line. On offense, he's incapable of creating an open shot for himself. Instead, he stands around waiting for the defense to double-team his superstar teammate, hoping for an open look.


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