Monday, June 13, 2005

Who's yelling the loudest on anonymous sourcing?

Guess who? The Right. And why? Because nothing of substance about what's going on in this country would likely be reported without the use of our modern-day Deep Throats. And that would be a very good thing for many, many people. This article [via Romenesko] has it perfect:
What Woodward said, the reporter told me, was that at the present pivotal historical moment, the great danger to America is the formation of some kind of secret, unaccountable government, and so a hyperaggressive press is more important than ever.


I think very few people—essentially only the ones complaining to [fmr. NYT ombudsman Daniel] Okrent—have any real opinion on anonymous sources. And I bet most of those use the methodological cavil as a cover for political disagreement, criticizing anonymous sourcing because they object to what some anonymous source has said.


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