Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Troops clothed in pro-torture garb, courtesy of Rush Limbaugh

Things to make you sick:

RUSH: Got a great e-mail here to share with you, folks. "Dear Rush: Greetings from Camp Ramadi in Iraq again." This is the guy who sent us a picture, sent a great e-mail in; we sent him some Club G'itmo gear. We sent him a whole bunch of Club G'itmo gear. He says: "Greetings from Camp Ramadi here in Iraq again. We received your generous shipment of Club G'itmo apparel and Jihad Java coffee mugs in fine order here today. Suffice to say these items were used to officially inaugurate the grand opening of Club G'itmo East here in Iraq. I've enclosed with my e-mail a picture of our opening ceremony complete with soldiers, both on duty and off, enjoying some of the finer elements of life that many Americans partake in back home: Organized softball -- although we play in a real sandlot -- one-hole golf course complete with all the punkers you can play courtesy of the incoming mortars that make the most wonderful craters to play out of. What a great joint venture the insurgents have done for us by creating such a marvel with their measly bombs. It's a win-win situation.

In case you're wondering what they're wearing, click here for more examples.

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