Monday, July 25, 2005

Why the Federalist Society story matters

I see that some don't really think this Roberts/Federalist Society flap is all that much to write home about. Here's where I disagree.

Let's do something of a hypothetical. Let's say that a judge named Jonathan Miller had previously been identified in the press as a member of the ACLU. Now after these reports ran, let's say Miller would go out of his way to extract corrections from news organizations explaining that he was most certainly not a member of the ACLU. Then, later, after nominated to the Supreme Court, let's say we find out that Miller is on a steering committee for the ACLU and was identified as part of their leadership directory. We learn that Miller now cannot recall whether this was the case.

I'm sure no one would raise an eyebrow, right?

SIDE NOTE: Is anyone else noticing the right-wingoshpere's response to this? That it's a McCarthyite witch hunt? So hilarious on so many levels. The issue now is not whether Roberts is a member of the Federalist Society, but rather, why he would deny affiliation with it so vehemently. If it's such a wonderful organization, why would he be taking pains to disassociate himself from it?

And also. Did you see Charles Lane's earlier reporting on this? I'll bet he felt like he got hoodwinked but good, and that's why he ran this story today.

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