Sunday, August 07, 2005

The homeless can run to keep warm!

This Mark Steyn column is quoted approvingly by the daisy chainers at Powerline :
Sitting behind yet another Vermont granolamobile bearing the bumper sticker "Bush Scares Me," I found myself thinking that perhaps the easiest way to reduce childhood obesity in American families might just to be to shout out, "Look! There's big scary Bush! Run! Run for your lives! No, wait, there's John Bolton, too! Better cut through the park before he puts his hands on his hips in an aggressive manner!" Indeed, when yesterday's coming man John Edwards dusts off his "Two Americas" stump speech -- the one with the heartwarming Dickensian vignette about the shivering girl whose parents can't afford to buy her a winter coat ($9.99 brand new from Wal-Mart) -- he might want to add a section about how an easy way for shivering coatless girls to keep warm is to run around the block a couple of times.

Ah, it's been a good long time since we've seen anything with that level of ogreism. Let's hear it for Mark Steyn, whose next column idea will be how, precisely, we can exterminate all those filthy immigrants.

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