Monday, August 08, 2005

The thought police

Ho boy. Before the whole right side of the blogosphere loses its collective mind on the subject of adoption and reporting, can we pause to remind them of one thing? The New York Times [where, full disclosure, I sometimes draw a paycheck] did not publish a single damn thing on John Roberts's children. The only reason this is now getting play is because Drudge slapped it up on his loony-ass bulletin board.

I think it's instructive to note that the only reason we have learned about this matter is not because of an NYT article on it, but because of a bunch of braying desk jockeys reporting on the supposed reporting of the matter. Now they've achieved something the NYT hasn't: exploiting the children of a nominee for their political purposes and raising questions about his children where previously none existed. It will likely be a matter of time before this is nudged into the mainstream. Hope the desk jockeys are proud.

It is a scary time in this country, but even scarier when a bunch of ideologues start going after a news organization for something that they never even printed.

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