Thursday, August 11, 2005

Well what did you expect?

A woman named Megan McArdle, pinch-blogging for InstaPundit, lays down this line about my town:
WENT TO DINNER TONIGHT with my co-blogger on my regular blog in Jersey City. I walked down a couple of miles from Hoboken, enjoying the oddness of it. Half of Jersey City looks like a "City of the FUTURE!!!" exhibit, ca. 1960--shiny glass skyscrapers and wide, empty boulevards. Most of the rest looks like a rotogravure spread on "The Tragedy of the Tenements", ca. 1908. I find the juxtaposition aesthetically stimulating. But I had to laugh at the sign just south of the Holland Tunnel informing me that I was entering Historic Downtown. Judging from the area where it was located, the history of Jersey City was written in cinderblock.

OK, she's clueless. But there's no need to broadcast your cluelessness. All right, all right, I should say half-clueless. Everyone agrees that the waterfront planning and architecture is a disaster, but there are some very specific reasons for it [the demise of the railroads, the desperation of the city in the 80's]. As for the "Tragedy of the Tenements"? Yeah, tenements going for, like, a million bucks. For background, shameless self-promotion, and why Ms. McArdle has it so very wrong, here.

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