Friday, September 02, 2005

But what about all the good news from New Orleans?

I guess this was inevitable:

HIGHT HEWITT: You know, Mark D. Roberts, I also think it’s important to appreciate what people have done. This amazing transfer of the neo-nates from New Orleans’ childrens hospital. That’s a very difficult, dangerous thing. Hundreds of thousands of people doing difficult, dangerous things. And carping, I think, diminishes what ought to be gratitude to them.

ROBERTS: Well, indeed. And you know, the problem is that we don’t see on the news a lot of that stuff. And I’m not really following the news, either. You know, the pictures of looting and all that? Those need to be shown, but much of the good that’s being done is being done quietly, and it’s not making the headlines. And so you get a little bit out of balance, in terms of really what’s going on there. Not to mention the fact that the vast majority of the people in that area are not looting, who might have very little, but they’re not doing it.

What else is there to say about this nonsense?

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