Friday, September 30, 2005

A drug-addled apologia for Bill Bennett

Rush Limbaugh pines for the days of whites-only water fountains:

We have various minority groups who, by their very definition of being minority, are losers -- and they are losers not because they are losers. They're losers because the powerful have determined that they're going to be losers. And no matter what those losers do they will never escape the bonds of loserdom. They will never escape the bonds of minority status. They will never escape the bonds of economic inequality, because there are too many obstacles set in their way. The deck is stacked against them. This is the foundation of the civil rights movement, folks. The foundation of the civil rights movement is that this country is unfair and unjust by its very structure! By its very existence as put together and assembled by the Founding Fathers. This country is essentially unfair and unjust, and the civil rights movement will never ever proclaim that we have made amends for whatever past transgressions or that there is equality because they would go out of business. They'll never believe it possible anyway because they don't like the structure of this country. As a result -- I'll move forward here a number of years...

I don't suppose this should be a surprise to anyone, but look at what he said. The entire civil rights movement (and we're talking starting, what circa 1955?) is illegitimate? That should tell you how much of a racist troglodyte this guy is.

And in case you were wondering, yes, Rush was referring to the entire civil rights movement, starting from the beginning. How do we know? After this discourse on the history of "the movement," he states "I'll move forward here a number of years..."

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