Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Fr yr own good

As some of you may know by now, FEMA has instituted what looks like a ban [how they'd it enforce it, I have no idea] on photographing dead bodies during recovery efforts along the Gulf Coast. Hideous, but par for the course for this bunch. In this Reuters article, I was struck by these silly last two grafs, obviously inserted for "balance."
Mark Tapscott, a former editor at the Washington Times newspaper who now deals with media issues at the Heritage Foundation, said the FEMA decision did not amount to censorship.

"Let's not make a common decency issue into a censorship issue," Tapscott said. "Nobody wants to wake up in the morning and see their dead uncle on the front page. That's just common decency."

Not censorship. Just government-sanctioned image-crafting. Oh yeah, and common decency.

Remind me again who coined the term "Nanny State"?

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