Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hugh Hewitt doesn't have time to read Hugh Hewitt

Hugh today:
Yes, I know he's dead. And his essay, "The Eye of Edna," is dated September 15, 1954. But reading it today, as folks refuse to evacuate again, makes me wonder if 50 years of hype hasn't persuaded far too many people that reports of imminent disaster are just not to be believed.

Hugh two weeks ago:

...Because they [reporters] did not do their homework, because they did not understand the levees were the threat, they ended up killing hundreds of Americans. I'm not going to say thousands, because I don't know the number. But I know hundreds are dead, that they did not communicate the severity of this storm.

Ok. Now I get it. Reporters, in not reporting non-hysterically on storms previous, were derelict in their duty and are therefore directly responsible for the deaths of thousands. And even though this conclusion is demonstrably false, moreover, these same reporters will be responsible for the deaths of hundreds or thousands this time around because they accurately reported the severity of the storm.

I totally get it now. Hewitt is a madman.

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