Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Limousine Red-Stater

Unusually revealing back-to-back postings from the chronically self-unaware K-Lo:

Last night at an Irish pub in Manhattan Beach, I swear I hit the red-state town hall in the heart of the golden blue state--the local volunteer firemen, older couples who looked so in sync they'd been together their whole lives--and Monday Night Football. No Renee and Kenny there.

I knew I was in California though when we stepped outside to a truck blanketed in anti-Bush/Kerry for Prez bumper stickers.
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HEH [K-Lo, Back East]
It was under 30 seconds after I stepped out of JFK airport this morning when an angry limo driver threw the f-bomb at me--I had not jumped to answer his "Yo Lady, You Commin from L.A.?!" fast enough.Home sweet home! There really is
no more appropriate Big Apple welcome.
Posted at 05:31 AM

Oh, dearest Kate, it's true. Those foul-mouthed chauffeurs from the outer boroughs can be just simply dreadful. See you at Sardi's.

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