Friday, September 30, 2005

Now where did I put my body?

John Hinderaker successfully disappears a human being:

The source of the documents was Bill Burkett, a notorious Bush-hating crank with a personal vendetta against the National Guard. He lied about where he got the documents. First he said they were given to him by someone named"Conn" who promptly left for Europe. (CBS never made any attempt to locate Mr. Conn, who turned out to be fictitious, to verify Burkett's story or, more important, find out where Conn got them.) After the 60 Minutes story blew up, Burkett admitted that Conn didn't exist.

He's talking about George O. Conn, of course. This fictitous George Conn. Who apparently doesn't exist. Hey, the Boston Globe was speaking to a phantom!

I'm glad we have the diligent fact-checkers at Powerline, who apparently live by the credo that it's better to be loud than accurate.

UPDATE: Welcome, Political Animals. And what he said about the fact that these documents are non-authentic.

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