Sunday, September 04, 2005

You've got to hand it to her

Kathryn Jean Lopez may be the worst denizen of The Corner, but at least she posts great emails like this

I'm writing to comment on your statements this evening in the Corner.

They are, with a few exceptions, petty, derivative, adolescent, thumb-sucking idiocy.

While people die of thirst, disease, hunger, stress, gastrointestinal distress, and murder, your comments (in reverse order) have centered on:

* Manchester Online, apparently some brand of British newspaper that has offended you
* Idiotic ruminations on Jesse Jackson's conspicuous absence from Mississippi, as if it matters one iota
* An absolutely assinine suggestion that the GOP announce RIGHT NOW that they will hold their 2008 convention in New Orleans. It boggles the mind why you think New Orleans residents would give a sh*t
. * Complaints about an anti-anti-estate-tax-cut email from People for the American Way, as if you think anybody in New Orleans would give a sh*t. From a purely political perspective, if you think this is the moment to pass tax cuts for the wealthy (as overwhelmingly poor and black residents expire by the thousand), you are an idiot
* Chipper updates on National Guard movements, as if the number of troops "deployed" can somehow make up for the number of Louisianians and Missippians dead
* Complaints about Reuters bias against the word "terrorist," as if you think hurricane refugees give a sh*t
* Snarky comments about Eleanor Smeal, as if you think it matters
* Promotion of a piece supporting price-gouging in New Orleans. Here, you have me. New Orleans residents (those who have access to cars) probably do give a sh*t, but not in the way you'd like.

Your cavalier pettiness, your comprehensive repulsiveness, amazes me. I defy you to say something else - anything else - of less significance or materiality than these examples. I do not think it's possible. Judging from these comments, you are simply sub-human. For your sake I hope these comments are the product of high fever or temporary mental illness, and not representative of your qualities as a supposed human being. These comments will trail you forever. Congratulations. You are a moral predator.

Again, I'm stunned that Lopez would post it, but then, maybe I'm not.

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