Tuesday, October 25, 2005


On the Daily Show last night, Jon Stewart had Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard, as his guest, and lordy did Stewart take a baseball bat to Kristol's head. It was not pretty. Here's the set-up -- they're talking about the rationale for war in Iraq:

KRISTOL: It was reasonable to worry and I think it was right to say you couldn't let him (Saddam) there to have or redevelop weapons of mass destruction.

STEWART: And so, to have weapons inspectors maybe, to look around, would’ve been a good move.

KRISTOL: Well it was a good move.

STEWART: And then they could look around and be like (lifts coffee cup, looks under) 'No.' (lifts book).

KRISTOL: Well the weapons inspectors themselves said that Saddam wasn’t fully complying... Could we have kept 150,000 troops there forever? So the weapons inspectors could have finished ---

STEWART: You’re right. That would have cost us an awful lot of money.

Yow. Yow. Video here. The exchange comes near the end of the interview. Yow.

LATER: Did you note how confident Kristol appeared in predicting that Miers would withdraw her nomination in two weeks? That was intriguing.

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