Monday, October 31, 2005

Exciting new talking point! It's Plame fault she was outed

The "she was asking for it" defense. I hear she was wearing a low-cut dress and snappy shoes, too.

New York Sun: [Via Power Menage]

If Ms. Plame didn't want her identity out, she shouldn't have gotten her husband a secret mission and then allowed him to wage a public campaign against the president's foreign policy.


Assuming that Valerie Plame was some sort of genuinely covert operative -- something that's not actually quite clear from the indictment -- the chain of events looks pretty damning: Wilson was sent to Africa on an investigative mission regarding nuclear weapons, but never asked to sign any sort of secrecy agreement(!). Wilson returns, reports, then publishes an oped in the New York Times (!!) about his mission. This pretty much ensures that people will start asking why he was sent, which leads to the fact that his wife arranged it. Once Wilson's oped appeared, Plame's covert status was in serious danger.

I think this line of argument is reasonable, provided you assume the SuperPatriots in charge of our country are inclined to break the law, potentially endanger our intelligence assets and out the identity of a CIA agent.

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