Sunday, October 09, 2005

He lives in California

Mark T. Sheehan, who writes letters to The New York Times, has a great idea:

Why not ban all packages, backpacks, briefcases, baby carriages and anything else from the subway unless they are first inspected by the police?

Sure, it would be a terrible nuisance for riders, who would find the delay not worth the package (baby carriages excepted), and for the police, who would have to conduct searches amid a barrage of invective.

But it just might pose a bigger problem for a suicide bomber, by making him or her much easier to spot.

Mark T. Sheehan
Pleasant Hill, Calif., Oct. 7, 2005

And after we're done with that plan, we can start inspecting all the cars in California before they get on the 101. That should stop all those VBIEDs. Though I suspect there might be a slight barrage of invective. And gunplay.

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