Monday, October 10, 2005

We're winning!!!!

There are so many kooky ideas in this Victor Throgmorten Higgenbottom Davis Hanson story it's hard to know where to begin. You should really read the whole thing, as they say. Case in point -- dragging out the "silent majority" is a sign of desperation. It has the added benefit of being completely undisprovable. Still, I think this passage, confusing cause and effect is the winner:

It is easy to be pessimistic about Iraq, given the media's constant barrage of bad news. But why then are there not millions in the street as in the fashion of Vietnam-era moratoria? Why doesn't the Senate move to cut off funds? Why don't the Democrats bring forth another George McGovern?

Don't you see? Things are going well in Iraq because people are not burning enough Dubya dolls. Makes sense. If you're insane.

Of course, there is a non-stupidhead explanation as to why there isn't more rioting. The draft, and the lack thereof.

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