Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Another crusade against phantoms

Michelle Malkin, who finds no crusade too kooky to support and who apparently sees a knife when others see a cross, links approvingly to this mind-blowing article about soldiers being upset that a shirt being sold at PX's says "Mecca: Since Day One" . Here's a sampling of the geniuses quoted in the article.

"Guys are getting shot at in the Middle East, and the wives and kids of the military veterans have to come to the base and buy this stuff?" explained the army soldier, who did not want to be identified for this article. He also noted that he believed the military would probably not sell any clothing lines that could be construed to be Christian-themed.

"Being a Marine, of course I believe that the Army has sold out to political correctness," said Marine Lt. Col. Rick Miles after being shown a Mecca t-shirt purchased from an Army PX. Miles is currently home on leave from Fallujah, Iraq. (See Photo)

Mary Nagle, whose daughter is with the U.S. Army Reserve Military Police stationed in Qatar, said her first impression was to think of Islam when viewing the Mecca t-shirt. "I think people would think of Islam, and it's something that they would not want to be involved with," Nagle said. "What we have seen so far in the foreign land having to do with Mecca [is that it] has to do with killings," Nagle added.

The clothing manufacturer Mecca USA, claims that the name was derived from the hip-hop slang term for the Manhattan borough of New York City and has no affiliation with the holy city of Islam.

"Mecca has been around way before 9/11. It really has nothing to do with Islam, terrorism and all of that crap," insisted Matthew Sprague, the director of Mecca USA, in an interview with Cybercast News Service.

However, Cybercast News Service discovered that the hip-hop slang term for Brooklyn is Medina, the other holy city of Islam. Hip-hop music is said to have a heavy Islamic influence dating back to at least the 1960s, having become very
influential by the late 1980s. And the substitution of the name "Mecca" for Manhattan may have its roots in an Islamic group known as the Five-Percenters, a breakaway sect of the Nation of Islam.

Really, this is just too much. And it goes on like this.

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