Sunday, November 27, 2005

He knows gasbags

Hugh Hewitt, who has apparently misplaced his epaulets, is in high dudgeon over the LA Times's editorial section:

And the lead editorial --huge in its length-- is titled >"The way forward in Iraq."

Like I --or hundreds of thousands of other Golden State residents-- am going to read that. The involuntary laughter at pretension that vast was followed by a head shake. They just don't get it at Spring Street, do they?

Just a guess: No one on the editorial staff has a day's experience in uniform, or a week's run in the Pentagon or the White House. They are all college newspaper alums, and a couple have been to a lecture by a professor recently returned from Baghdad. Just a bunch of gasbags on the west coast telling each other they know the score, and "the way forward." That's actually funny beyond expression. It is aHoliday Inn commercial.

How cute! Hewitt mocks what he can't be bothered to read (A not absurd assumption, since he doesn't even link to the massive, unwieldy, way-too-long, 1,105-word editorial). Hugh is the height of intellectual honesty.

And that line about "a week's run in the Pentagon or the White House," is precious. Anyone who knows Mr. Hewitt's history knows that he was a low-level Reagan administration operative and builder of the Nixon library (good for you, Hughie!), which apparently gives him extra-special street cred when it comes to critiquing Supreme Court justices, the media, the Iraq war and anything else that comes down the pike.

Yes, I'd love for Mr. Hewitt to explain how low-level White House hacks and Nixon-lovers have more credibility to comment on matters of state than the editorial page of one of the top-ranked newspapers in the country.

EXTRA CREDIT: For those who can count the number of times the phrase "anti-American" can be found in Hewitt's post.

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