Friday, November 18, 2005

Information overload, my eyes are burning

Here's a "FAQ" from the self-described "volunteer public relations spokesperson" on a burning question regarding OSM/Open Source/Sleepwear News/The-only-good-Muslim-is-a-dead-Muslim Media.

Why change the name? Further research indicated that many OSM bloggers actually blog “au naturale,” like Jeff Goldstein, or in a daring peek-a-boo babydoll, like Frank J.


UPDATE: I really should've kept reading, because this (purportedly satirical) FAQ probably more closely resembles the real business model than the writer realizes:

How will it work? Without getting overly technical, the powerful multi-phase OSM business model has been finely honed through careful analysis. The following Power Point slide illustrates the basic value-creation process:

In Phase A, various important blogosphere blogs are coerced into a mutual non-aggression pact under the auspices of the OSM directorate. This is very similar to NATO, but French people are excluded. In Phase number B, there is large alcohol party in New York, which is an important center for media business discussions. In Phase 3, the system creates values, which are translated into very large checks for everybody. In Phase number D, I drive my new yacht, the “Ha Ha Ha,” to a tax-free Caribbean island.

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