Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Me write good

OK, there' s been a lot of piling on with regards to Pajamas Media today. Still, I'm still interested to see what happens with it (big launch in NYC!)

So I was poking around there today, and was reading the bio for Roger L. Simon, which I swear, sounds like it was written in High-5th grader-this-is-my-book-report-for-Wind-In-the-Willows style.

Roger L. Simon -- Screenwriter and novelist:

I have a very typical New York City middle-class background, where my father was a doctor. I went to Dartmouth and then to the Yale School of Drama, wanting to be a playwright. I never learned how to be one though. Playwriting is much harder than any other form of writing I’ve ever tried, but a novel I had written got published just after I graduated. And that took me to Hollywood. The book got optioned for a movie that was later made. I wasn’t connected with its production, but it opened the door for screenwriting to me, and I started writing mystery novels at the same time.

Writing is tough. I like writing. I write a blog. Look at me write!


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