Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Our man in Paris

Victor and Hugh got together recently for one of their frequent kookfests:

HH: You passed through Paris recently. When?

VDH: Yesterday.

HH: And did you get a sense of crisis as you walked around De gaulle Airport?

VDH: I did. I've never been through more security. It was...I think I had to show my passport on five different occasions.

HH: Did you go into the city at all, or was this just a change of planes?

VDH: No. I was on the way from Lisbon, so we flew over it in the morning, and then we landed. And I stayed two or three hours at the airport.

HH: What is your assessment of the significance of what is underway, the Francefada, or the intifada in France as we speak?

Please, Vic, give us your first-hand sense of the situation from Ground 7,000 in the riots, DeGaulle Airport. Is your passport going to be OK?

Oh, and I couldn't let this VDH gem pass:

And then, we have all these stereotypes about Americans from Europe, and they dont...we're overweight, we're rude. You go to Europe, all of these people are smoking more than we are, they have smaller homes than we do, or they pay more
for gas. They're ruder in line, and it's just...it's just a very different society than what the blue states on our coasts idolize.

Europeans smoke? They have smaller homes? They're rude in line? USA! USA!

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