Thursday, November 17, 2005

Our name is Open Source Media. Or not

Little help?

Our trade name is OSM, and please note that we have a TM after OSM, not after Open Source Media. We consider Open Source Media to be a description of what we are and do, not a trade name.

There are virtually no corporate names that have not been taken in some state – but what is important is the name used in the public.

We own but we are not using that as our primary URL because we do not consider Open Source Media to be protectable name by anyone ... which is why it’s not our name.

This is getting stranger with each passing moment.

UPDATE: Some background here, and a very friendly "cease-and-desist" letter from Chris Lydon's show. [via The Poorman]

MUCH, MUCH LATER: The more Jeff Jarvis sees, the more he no likey.

...Open Source Media, the whatever-it-is, promises this — with more haughtiness
than I’d ever heard from Dan Rather — on its prevaricating post about the name:

The goal of our enterprise is to bring gravitas and legitimacy to the blogosphere…

Oh, gag me with a mitre.

I don’t think that blogs need to have legitimacy laid upon them … and
who died and made you the legitimizer?

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