Thursday, November 17, 2005

Pajamas on Fire

The reviews are in, and they're not kind [keep in mind these quotes are from a libertarian-right blogger who was asked, but declined, to join Pajama/Open Source/Kill-all-brown-people Media]:

Would you drink a fluid out of something that said "Bloggers Do It In Their Pajamas"? I think of bodily fluids. But no matter, now the bloggers can do it in their Open Source Media. Or as somebody already quipped: Open Sores Media. Swapping semen for pus, bodily fluids-wise.


But what do you think of the new Open Source site? Is it fun to use and workable? I notice a lot of flabbiness in the writing.


And why should anyone care what these bloggers think? Who are they? Unless you're already sold on blogging, the teasers are laughable: "Blogger Joshuapundit seems quite unhappy," "War to Mobilize Democracy is 'nervous,'" Anything They Say "is pleasantly surprised."There's nothing snappy or exciting in any of that, no sense that these bloggers are likely to come out with anything more interesting than whoever was sitting next to you in the living room where you watched the evening news.

She's right. that site doesn't look good. I'm thinking that once they come down from their Tom Collins hangovers, they're going to realize the venture's not quite ready for prime time. Althouse notes that Charles Johnson of Let's Kill All The Muslims has now begun a right-wing blogger flame war. It's the friendly fire that's always most dangerous. [via Wonkette]

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