Sunday, November 20, 2005

Too easy

Hey look at all the succes that the fat cats in the liberal media won't tell us about, but whose story I'm linking to, sez a relentless Happy Iraqer.

...The war in Iraq is steadily being won. And, since the terrorists in general and al Qaeda in particular have chosen to make conquering Iraq their number one priority, the victory is far more important than the original ousting of Saddam and his Baathists. The latest evidence that things are going our way appeared today in the form of advertisements in three Jordanian newspapers, paid for by 57 of al-Zarqawi's relatives, including his brother...

Yeah, funny thing that. Can someone remind me how it was that al Qaeda made conquering Iraq their number one priority? Can someone remind me whether it was a breeding ground for terrorists before we liberated it? Anyone?

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