Friday, December 16, 2005

The children

Or, as some of them like to be called, the warbloggers. The Iraqis voted. Many rejoiced. Others have lingering doubts. But for the 101st Fighting Keyboardists, it is just another occassion to score points and lash out. Do they bring credit upon themselves with posts like this?

Of course, someone like this doesn't want to celebrate for obvious (and sad) reasons. I guess the election doesn't merit comment.

He links to Josh Marshall, who it turns out had linked to a reporter blogging from Mosul on the elections. Oops. Still, I suppose, Marshall would still be chastisted for his lack of jubilance.

Engaging in this type of stuff is utter childishness, and I think opens a window into the soul of these folks. One blogger went so far as to "summarize" the lefty blogosphere's reaction -- or lack thereof -- to the election (not to pass judgment, of course, but still, he can't help but musing: "I’m just trying to give you some idea about how the anti-war sites are reacting to the elections. Perhaps some sites are waiting for results. Or a really nasty explosion or something.") InstaPundit linked to the above meditation and clucked his tongue here and here.

And they've proven what, exactly? That the warbloggers can turn any moment into fodder for grade-school level chest-thumping and point-scoring? Well, I think they've proved that. (Remember the tsunami?)

Is there reason to be heartened? Sure. Is there reason to be worried? Sure. There is no guarantee of anything and I think people would be wise to withhold their unjust pessismism and unbridled joy until things shake out.

This is not a game. This is deadly serious business. Grow up, people.

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