Monday, December 19, 2005


For some reason, this post has been getting a lot of play in the loon-o-sphere:

[T]he Democrats still do not grasp that foreign affairs and national security issues are their vulnerabilities, not their strengths. All of the drumbeat about Iraq, spying, and torture that the left thinks is so damaging to the White House are actually positives for the President and Republicans. Apparently, Democrats still have not fully grasped that the public has profound and long-standing concerns about their ability to defend the nation. As long as national security related issues are front page news, the Democrats are operating at a structural political disadvantage. Perhaps the intensity of their left wing base and the overwhelmingly liberal press corps produces a disorientation among Democratic politicians and prevents a more realistic analysis of where the country’s true pulse lies on these issues.

When will the Democrats learn? What Joe Six Pack really wants is an unaccountable, dictatorial regime that deliberately misleads its citizenry, flouts our laws, tortures prisoners -- guilty or not -- and illegally spies on us. USA! USA!

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