Sunday, December 11, 2005


Blogoland -- one day it's all movies, the next all music! This weekend, for some reason, I became obsessed with Doves "Someday Soon" so I taught myself how to play it. Now, there's a reason for this. It may not be the most interesting or best song on the album, but I do know that it would be a worldwide hit if it were released as a single.

People are scratching their heads wondering why this band hasn't achieved worldwide fame and Coldplay has. For one thing, it's releasing songs like "Sky Starts Falling." No, no, no!

Well, "Someday Soon" [listen here, Windows media] is Doves' meal ticket. It's a simple, two-chord diddy in 6/8, but layered with catchy little hooks and, quite frankly, it sounds great coming out of a car stereo. The only problem, from a mass-market scale, is the chorus. The bottom drops out completely, and dead spots abound. Radio doesn't like that. So remix it, or re-record and get the chorus tempo up.

The lyrics are pure schmaltzy gold:

All my love and all my heart go with you
Just look into my eyes and what can you see?
But all my love and all the time keep with me
I'll keep it with me

Someday soon you'll know how it feels to love someone
Someday soon you'll know how it feels to trust someone

Add those words to the bittersweet melody and Dear God, can't you see them playing this thing at the end of "One Tree Hill" the "OC" or one of those other silly quasi-serious teen dramas?

Doves will be worldwide superstars if they release that song. I guarantee it.

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