Monday, December 05, 2005


Can someone unpack this for me please?

SADDAM AGONISTES [John Derbyshire]
"Saddam's half brother shouted 'Why don't you just execute us!'"
Well, why don't we? This preposterous "trial" is the worst possible advertisement for the rule of law. Saddam should have been taken behind a tree and shot as soon as his identity had been ascertained. The performance he's putting on here, even I am starting to like him. A few more weeks of this and they'll be putting up statues to Saddam all over the Arab world. What a stupid farce.

Oh, now I get it. We should've executed Saddam without a trial because that shows that we're adherents to the rule of law but the trial that's going on now is a farce because I think Saddam's cute. Or something.

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