Thursday, December 22, 2005

Now we get it

Rush Limbaugh was talking to Idaho Sen. Larry Craig yesterday regarding the Patriot Act extension, and the issue of civil liberties and unlimited, unchecked executive power we've given the president came into play:

CRAIG: [T]here will come a day when there will not be a George W in the White House, and tragically enough, and I hope never, it could be a Hillary Clinton -- and now who will be her attorney general, and what might he or she do to your liberties and mine? There's the question.

RUSH: Look it, I understand it. I appreciate you saying that, by the way. That will help a lot of people understand your position on this, because I have not heard you say that before.


It's interesting. He said, among many things, that he don't distrust this president with these powers, but he can't speak for future presidents, say if Hillary is president or Janet Reno is attorney general.

Your modern Republican party: The rule of man, not law. Frightening.

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