Friday, December 09, 2005

What we really need to do is torture Saddam

A fascinating proposal, from Cliff "the WMD are somewhere" May:
I, for one, would have liked to see -- not torture -- but sufficient “stress and duress” applied to induce Saddam to tell us what he did with his WMDs. But no, we couldn’t do that, could we? Instead, we had to show the world how magnanimous we are with the mass murderer. And we sure have gotten loads of credit for that, haven’t we?

Yeah, what's up with all that magnanimity and stuff? We invade a country with no weapons of mass destruction, and despite our leaders telling us that they knew exactly where they were, we don't find them. So here's what we need to do now: apply "stress and duress" (nudge, nudge) to the leader who didn't have the weapons in order to find out "what he did" with them.

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