Friday, February 24, 2006

Rush: Make love to port deal, not war

Limbaugh says "I don't have a problem" with port deal, and then takes a bong hit:

I'm going to go back, Sun Tzu's The Art of War: The best way to beat your enemy is to make him your friend. If you can't do that, you shoot him, but that's not the first option -- and I don't think in the war on terror that we are going to defeat every terrorist militarily. I just don't believe that that's possible. Look at how we brought the Soviet Union to its knees. The Cold War took 70 years. It actually would have taken ten or 20 if we had Reagan working on it at the outfit, but it took 70 years.

How did we do it?

We infiltrated the Soviet communist culture with American culture: slow dribbles of television programs and jeans and these little things that exposed to the Soviet people the lies they were being told about their country and the people of the rest of the world. We have also infiltrated with capitalism the Chinese market. They now depend on us more than any other nation in the world because we are a huge market for them. It makes it less likely they're going to destroy the market. It makes it less likely that they are going to bomb us, nuke us or what have you. They're going to huff and puff and they're always going to use that as threats because they're communists and so forth, but they're also invested in us, as are a number of countries around the world.

Weird times over at LimbaughLand. And the Dittoheads are snarling:

RUSH: Matt in Richmond, Virginia, welcome to the program, sir. Great to have you with us.

CALLER: Rush, mega 9,000-pound SUV dittos to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: My comment is I've got a feeling that if this would have been Kerry or Clinton or anyone else, you know, in the Democratic Party, you'd be all over them. You'd be attacking them for this. My gut says this is not a good idea for our ports. I don't know why, and I think most of Americans agree with that. It's just I feel like you're supporting Bush just because he's Bush on this one. But you gotta back down on this one, buddy. We just don't agree with it.

Digby notes other strangeness, and offers a theory. Hint: it's female-related.

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