Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Limbaugh selectively quotes himself

Well, what else would you expect? He slams a 16-year-old golfer for being a "triumph of marketing," and then shucks-and-jives on his program to explain that what he was really saying should be considered a *snort* "compliment."

LIMBAUGH: TIME Magazine's Ten Questions with Michelle Wie and asked her what she thought of what I had said. Well, the problem is, what I said was not totally reported. They asked me about Michelle Wie and I said, "Well, she's a triumph of marketing right now. She hasn't won anything. It's time to get some wins under her belt. If she wants to play the male tour, if she wants to play the PGA Tour, get some wins." It was assumed, though, when you just take the first thing that I said, which was "she's a triumph of marketing," which she is, and it's not a put down!

Click the link. Always click the link. Here's what Rush actually said:

It's a triumph of marketing. If she really wants to play with the men, it's
fine. Let her try for a tour card. But now it's a marketing tool they're using
to build her to up to a level much greater than her actual accomplishments
. At some point, she has to get some wins.

That's a shade different from how he "quoted" himself. He's essentially saying she has accomplished nothing whatsoever, and the only reason she's well-known is through spin and marketing. Hm. Let's see, you've essentially called someone a fraud, a phony and a product of marketing. Ah, but see, it's a compliment!

Still, the best part of the Time interview is Wie's response to the Limbaugh slam:

Q. Rush limbaugh reportedly said something about you recently [calling her a "triumph of marketing"]

WIE: Huh? Who's that?

Q. You don't know who Rush Limbaugh is?

WIE: Uh oh. He's on the radio. I don't listen to the radio much.

Hilarious. She barely even knows he exists, which for a narcissist like Limbaugh, must burn worse than the noon-day sun.

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