Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I'll leave aside the claims of reportorial dastardliness from Ralph "My Tour in Iraq Included Speaking With Exactly Zero Iraqis But I'll Make Claims About What The 'Average' Iraqi Thinks, Anyway" Peters, and instead I'll highlight this absolute gem of barely concealed racism:

Much could still go wrong. The Arab genius for failure could still spoil everything.

See, we tried to bring Democracy to those backward A-rabs, but they're just too durn stupid to make it work.

OK, fine, read this howler of a "myth," too.

Reconstruction efforts have failed. Just not true. The American goal was never to rebuild Iraq's infrastructure in its entirety. Iraqis have to do that.

Really? Huh. Well, I suppose after we pull out in a year or so, God or Jesus or Allah or something will make everything fine in Babylon.

[Link courtesy of an apparently approving InstaPundit]

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