Monday, April 10, 2006

Breaking News: We won in Vietnam!

It's true! You see, the reason we continue to harbor misconceptions about the war is because all the crazy America-haters in the Emm-Ess-Emm that are lying about our glorious victory. And there's a helpful new instructional videotape for the home-schooling set to show the way!

Michael Medved designates the "three big lies" that continue to poison our understanding and analysis of the war, arguing against common contentions: 1. That the Vietnam War represented an unconstitutional conflict based upon American imperialism and a desire for world dominance 2. That the military lost the war on the battlefield, and in the process committed horrendous atrocities...

That's absolutely true. We won every single battle we fought. And yet somehow we lost the war. [Via The Corner]

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