Thursday, April 13, 2006

Nights in White Satin

Rush popped the cap off his little brown bottle, fished out three little greenies, swallowed, and then spoke:

Didn't the Washington Post just start...? Yes, they did. Within the past month, they started a conservative blog on the website, and their readers and the left wing fringe threw a hissy fit, and the liberal Washington Post buckled just as fast as a bunch of congressmen in front of an immigration protest, and they concocted some phony excuse that the guy that they had hired was a plagiarist and that they didn't know it.

So he was gone inside of two weeks. He probably created more attention and hits to that blog at the Washington Post than any other liberal bloggers. But they couldn't handle the heat from the left. They couldn't offend their audience, and so they had to get rid of the conservative blogger, and at the same time they had to put out a bunch of garbage to impugn his character and reputation at the same time.

That's a pretty accurate assessment of what really happened. For the violently insane.

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