Monday, April 17, 2006

Super duper cognitive dissonance

Sadly No picks up on a theme that me and the trained monkeys have been hammering at for a long time here at Blogoland. It's a fine story, with a country in distress and the evil media playing the Robert Mitchum role, but it's a good one. Quoth a commenter to the Sadly No site: [You have to read it all for it's transcendent nuttiness]

The fact is that terrorists are emboldened by the extreme left-wing media. As the saying goes at LGF, the Media is the enemy.


You see, the results of the reporting encourage more bombings to occur. If the media just didn't report on bombings so much, then the terrorists wouldn't think that they were succeeding, and then they would eventually give up.

As we have pointed out here many, many times, this creates -- how shall we say? -- problems for the anti-media avengers when the next attack on America comes. Hell, it creates problems for the response to 9/11 in the first place, when bloggers made their reputations by, yes, exploiting the tragedy and crowing about their hit counts in the aftermath. The logic, I think, goes like this: the terrorists would not try to attack us again if we just didn't talk about all those thousands of people dying and buildings getting destroyed in 2001.

Don't they realize that the terrorism will go away if everyone just stops talking about it?

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