Saturday, April 01, 2006

Synergy run amok

I'm watching the intro for the LSU-UCLA national semifinal on CBS, and they choose to run the Mission: Impossible theme while inter-cutting shots of basketball players doing basketball-ey things. Cute. Except, now, why are we getting a flash of Tom Cruise's face. Uh-oh. What's going on? Hey, wait, there's even more Tom Cruise and that black guy who was in "Get Shorty."

Something's not right.

And then you think: who owns CBS? Why, Viacom. And what is a sister entity of CBS? Why, Paramount Studios. And who is producing Mission: Impossible III, set for a May release?

Just guess.

Please, people. I just want to watch a basketball game, and you are making me so not want to see MI:XXXLVI. Not that I've seen either of the previous two installments.

One final thing: To which basketball team is this a Mission: Impossible? They seem pretty evenly matched to me.

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