Thursday, April 20, 2006


You know, I don't really have a dog in the fight over whether lefty blogs are crazy nutjobs and righty blogs are unhinged maniacs, but I should note the way Howard Kurtz of The Washington Post chooses to characterize reaction to Scott McClellan's resignation:

So here's the drill. We'll dip into the cosmic-significance pieces from the MSM, followed by my own carefully reported chronicle of McClellan's resignation, and then dive into the blogosphere. (Hint: Liberals are near-ecstatic and conservatives are being businesslike.)

Now, that goes along nicely with a recently developed Post narrative about lefty blogs, so I'd be expecting to hear some crazy-assed stuff from said ecstatic blogs. But what do we get instead from Kurtz? A "yawn" from lefty Americablog, more cynicism than ecstasy from John Nichols at The Nation, An "eh" from Daily Kos, and et cetera.

And the rightie blogs are businesslike. Curious.

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