Tuesday, April 11, 2006

War from 30,000 feet

A Major in Iraq tells us there is no civil war:

Contrary to what you may hear in the media, there is no "civil war"! I fly over every inch of this country both day and night. Is there serious political tension? Yes. Is there sporadic sectarian violence? Yes. Are there those who are willing to blow themselves and innocent Iraqis up in order to prevent a democratic Iraq from becoming a reality? Yes. Should that be the determining factor as to whether we throw up our hands and give up? Hell, no!

Since when has America been intimidated by bullies? We have a responsibility to the people of Iraq and our own greatness as Americans to finish this righteous cause. This is to say nothing of the myriad other reasons why it was a spectacularly good thing to get rid of Saddam Hussein and his rapist heirs.

Obviously, this F-16 pilot is much closer to the action in Iraq than I am; it is also unclear from this piece whether he has conducted any foot patrols (other than his visit to the hospital), so I'm not sure on what he bases his conclusions.

With that, I should note that I took a cross-country flight across America not too long ago, and I did not witness a single murder. [via Hugh Hewitt]

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