Friday, May 05, 2006

All about the Clevelands

Yeah, Radosh is completely right regarding these new, "unaltered" Star Wars trilogy DVD's. But is it pure super-evil dirtball greed? Or just monomaniacal jerk-head greed? Well, we may have an answer. See, you can purchase ($15.99 Cheap!) the officially licensed Star Wars T-shirt 'celebrating' the new old movies.

In celebration of the release of the Star Wars trilogy on individual DVDs -- with each one including the original unaltered theatrical version of the film as a special bonus -- StarWarsShop is offering three exclusive t-shirts available only to our shoppers for a limited time! Each shirt will also be accompanied by an exclusive collector card, which is available in limited quantities while supplies last.

The first tee in the series,
Han Solo, portrays the classic trilogy hero ready to take on an Empire -- look for two more tees to follow in the coming weeks. This exclusive t-shirt artwork, which is only available from StarWarsShop, will have a distressed, worn look that includes the chapter text "IV" on the sleeve. A great vintage look to commemorate the DVD debut of the vintage film!

The shirts say "Han Shot First." Ugh. What kind of nutjob would buy such a thing?

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