Friday, June 09, 2006

It appears that Rush was, gulp right

Apocalypse watch. Despite the insane hyperventiliations in some quarters regarding the reporting on the methods used to get Zarqawi, it appears that those leaking betrayed no operative in the field and no methods, per se. And, frighteningly, Rush Limbaugh, speaking yesterday to his listeners, was right to say that the source of the information came from a detainee:

Most of it's not classified, but -- and you people will understand this -- I cannot reveal my sources on this. But it's people very close to intelligence. The main aspect of it is that the detainee reporting played a role in all this, meaning people that are being held prisoner somewhere be it Abu Ghraib or Club Gitmo, wherever they are.

That was yesterday. Today, ABC is reporting that the man in the case was a Zarqawi associate who was taken last spring, is being held in Jordan, but provided valuable information on Zarqawi safe houses.

Let's hear it for Rush, huh?

LATER: Jeff A. Taylor gives the "secret for secrecy's sake" crowd a poke to the eye. Any terrorist worth half-a-brain would have realized that someone betrayed from within. And yes, the U.S.'s intelligence network is smart enough not to leave exposed one of its assets.

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