Thursday, June 08, 2006

A pessimist says Zarqawi death big deal

Chris Allbritton has been in and out of Iraq for the past few years (he's now in Beirut). A noted pessimist on our chances in Iraq, he nonetheless thinks that Zarqawi's death could be a major breaking point.

This is a big, big success for the Iraqis and the Americans. Zarqawi wasn’t the sole force behind the insurgency, but he was the driving personality behind the jihad aspect of the Sunni fighting, which has much larger influence within the Iraqi insurgency than the size of its roster would suggest. It was his connections that brought in a lot of money from the Gulf, and with that cash and influence was able to bleed off some of the Ba’athists and Iraqi Islamists to his part of the insurgency.

I'd trust his assessment over the chest-thumpers.

What he's interested in seeing in the coming weeks is a decrease in sectarian killing , which would be a good sign of Sunnis further folding into the political process and Shiites ramping down reprisal killings. Read it all. [via High Clearing]

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