Monday, August 28, 2006

Death to Journalists

John Hinderaker, completely hinged:

Given Reuters's coverage of the conflict in Lebanon, it would perhaps be understandable if the Israelis started firing on Reuters vehicles.

Which, apparently, they did! And, you know, it really is understandable. Whenever I'm upset with Jonah Goldberg, my first instinct is to firebomb the offices of National Review.

PS: The nutzosphere is going nutzo over this story, claiming with their mad missile-impact analysis skillz that the Reuters van couldn't possibly have been hit by a missile, because, uh, well, just look at it!

To which the Israeli Army responds:

The Israeli army said the vehicle was hit because it was acting suspiciously in an area of combat and had not been identified as belonging to the media.

"During the operation, there was an aerial attack on a suspicious vehicle that drove in a suspicious manner right by the forces," army spokeswoman Captain Noa Meir said.

"There was an aerial attack," on the vehicle, say both the Israelis and the journalists who were hit. To which Hinderaker, who offers his first-hand blood-n-guts account from the front lines in Minnesota, replies: Nuh-uh.

Also: Always trust Power Line to get things like this right. Because unlike Reuters, they have complete credibility.

UPDATE: I see Glenn Greenwald and I are sharing a wavelength. He offers interesting thoughts on double standards in the right wing blogosphere with regards to Fox News and Reuters.

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