Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I am a legitimate member of legitimate blogtopia

Yes, a blogger actually said this:

According to this interview, immediately after college Mitchell opted for writing in counterculture magazines in New York, as opposed to the legitimate press.

This is bad, because writing for, ahem, illegitimate "counterculture magazines" clearly pales in comparison to writing about the picking of the pumpkin patch for a "mid-sized weekly newspaper."

It may also pale in comparison to writing at a blog where the proprietor has a habit of making himself look stupid.

But Dan Riehl is a Writer. With a Captial W. Check out this deathless prose:

This published opinion is that of a would-be journalist studying as a Junior at San Diego State University. She likely deserves the benefit of some doubt for being young and all but totally lacking in experience. However, she does present at least once glance into the journalistic mind of tomorrow as it is developing today. The look is not pretty, new and bold, nor enlightened. From this glance, it would appear that the journalistic academy does not paint a very positive picture of blogs, or of people, for that matter, at least in some instances.

Anyone who scratches out a paragraph like that automatically forfeits his right to mock another's writing career.

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