Thursday, August 31, 2006

Infected by the stupid virus

Oh Hugh Hewitt, you crazy, mendacious hack.

So the U.S. is being overtaken by a virus of Jew-hating terrorism? And for your excellent examples you trot out:

Well, that's a pretty strong case, Mr. Hewitt. A suicide bomber with no terrorism links or any record of anti-Semitism, a converted Christian (and likely a confused and disturbed man), and, finally, another disturbed man. Somehow they became infected with the Let's Kill All Jews virus.

About halfway through his fear-mongering column, Mr. Hewitt realizes that he might have a wee problem with his thesis. Namely, are crazy people who decide to kill en masse religious extremists or just plain nuts? Hence, the surfacing of the name Eric Rudolph, the man who bombed abortion clinics in The Name of God, along with the 1996 Olympics. You couldn't find a better definition of Hewittian extremist religious terrorism. Here is a man who attended an Identity Christian (i.e., racial determinist) church and quoted in his statement passages from Matthew condemning Republicans as people who "outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within... are full of hypocrisy and inequity." But Hewitt, in typical fashion, dismisses any such notion that Rudolph could have been motivated by religion:

I am keenly aware of the unfairness of taking the violence of extremist fanatics or the unstable and attributing it to a larger group to which the media assigns them. Thus Eric Rudolph, wrongly believed by many to be a Christian fundamentalist, became a whip with which to beat pro life Christians who reject violence at every turn even as they strenuously advocate for reductions in the number of abortions.

Uh, nonsense. If Rudolph isn't a religious terrorist, then neither are his Muslim boogeymen, either. Can't have it both ways, Hugh.

So what are you left with? Another cheap attempt to besmirch an entire group based on flimsy- to-non-existent evidence, unconnected in any way, other than inside the fevered brain of Hugh Hewitt.

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