Saturday, August 26, 2006

It's always the media's fault

These guys are sounding a wee bit unhinged:

The first ground truth is that the liberal media, not the Democrats, are the party standing in opposition to the Republicans.


The next truth is that the Republican base is practically begging to be fired up about the "527 Media's" political activism. They know something is badly wrong with the guys, but they can't quite put their finger on it. The problem began in the Clinton years when the media gave the administration a pass on the growth of terrorism, on Iraq and on the mountains of non-Monica corruption the Clintons lived in. By turning a blind eye to the Clintons' problems, the "527 Media" became intellectually corrupt, more interested in political success for the Dems than the truth.

They're going to run a campaign against the news media? Just let that sink in. Aside from the Clinton stuff (Jed Babbin was apparently comatose during Travelgate, Whitewater, Filegate, the Lincoln bedroom) and the utter silliness of such a gambit, let's look at it politically. Let's say a real manly-man Republican candidate spends 75 percent of his time decrying the "treasonous" media who are in league with the terrorists and want nothing better than to be subjects of a ruling Islamic caliphate (because that's what they believe, no?). Tell me how in the world that is going to come off not sounding like whiny paranoia? -- Which it is.

And get a load of these suggestions:

It's time for the Vice President to give a speech taking the press to task. He should name names. If Pinch Sulzberger wants to be a political activist instead of a publisher, why not call him on it?

ยท Get your best joke writers to study everything they can about the worst of the 527 Media and let 'em rip. I can just hear Mr. Cheney tut-tutting about the New York Times' stock collapse and comparing it to the dividends of, say, Halliburton.

Yeah, tallking up Halliburton's a sure winner. Creating a "Swift Veteran Reporters for the Truth" (it's in there, believe me) is going to be a big hit. All this comes courtesy of the former deputy undesecretary for defense for George H.W. Bush. What a complete nut.

[via, natch InstaPundit]

And here's the article that somehow spawned all this. (The professors have determined that soldiers have less of a chance of dying in Iraq than of dying in America. Boosters conclude, naturally, that Iraq is not a "catastophe" but Heaven on Earth).

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