Monday, August 21, 2006

Martin Peretz, Bolton apologist

Martin Peretz, making the case for, ahem, John Bolton:

...Bolton has rejected the basic proposition about the internationalization of decision-making on several occasions. His point was that political legitimacy derives only from democratic processes. Since so few of the states in the United Nations operate through these processes, there is little legitimacy in the United Nations at all, particularly on extreme questions like force.

Ah, now we get it. If the countires we're dealing with do not fit Bolton's definition of "democratic" we can simply ignore them. And if they get together and decide to send troops, it's illegitimate. Sounds like a good way to get things done at the U.N.

Read the rest for an unintentional gut-buster of a time, including the "uneemly stalking" (whatever that means) of the Democrats against Bolton.

Martin Peretz, what a nut.

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